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The Rev. L. P. Upton assumed the pastorate of the (then) Pentecostal Gospel Lighthouse on September 2, 1972. Accompanying Rev. Upton to Sulphur was his wife Sis. Helen Upton and their children Allan and Renee’.

In 1972 attendance at the “Lighthouse” averaged sixty nine. The sanctuary, the only building at that time, was a small brick structure on the four acres of property that fronted Bayou D’Inde Road. In 1974 construction began on a new sanctuary which housed the first service in May of the following year. The building was eventually remodeled and currently houses the Sunday school classrooms. In 1978 a foundation was poured for what would become the Lighthouse Christian Academy with classes commencing there in September of 1979. The erection of the present sanctuary began in 1984 and the first service took place there in October 0f 1988.

A multi-use family life center was completed in March of

2003 and is dedicated to the memory of Sis. Godwin,

mother of the elder Sis. Upton.

Shortly after construction on the new sanctuary began,

Rev. Allan Upton returned to Sulphur from a pastorate in Urania, Louisiana to become Pastoral Assistant. He assumed the pastorate of the Lighthouse Tabernacle in September 1998 at which time the elder Rev. Upton moved to the office of Bishop.

Over the years the church has become the

Lighthouse Tabernacle, the street is now Prater Road,

the property holdings have increased to 18 acres and the average attendance is presently approaching four hundred. The ministerial leadership has remained strong, dedicated to preserving the Apostolic Truths and anointed of the Lord.


We, the congregation, appreciate God’s blessings on the Lighthouse Tabernacle because of the courage and effectiveness of the Upton family’s prayerful leadership.


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