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The ranch is a charity that can be supported through Amazon Smile. See the TCM page for instructions on how to choose a charity to support.

If you have already joined Amazon Smile, click here to purchase items to send to Lighthouse Ranch for Boys.

Our History and Mission

The Lighthouse Ranch was founded in March 1979 by Jim and Lovella Yohe. It is located on a beautiful 40 acre site in Southeast Louisiana.  Many hundreds of boys have lived at the Ranch and benefitted from its program.

Lighthouse Ranch for Boys is a Louisiana licensed, Class A child residential facility located in Loranger, LA. The program is designed for boys (12 through 17 years of age) whom are in need of a stable environment. Many of the over 1,000 boys which have lived at Lighthouse Ranch since its founding in 1979, have been victims of abuse, neglect, drugs, and unstable home environments, which have left the boys to develop maladaptive behavioral issues. By providing a stable, consistent, and structured environment which is both educational and therapeutic in nature, Ranch boys are able to focus on improving their lives. The Ranch has an on-campus accredited school, Lighthouse Christian Academy, with a Master Certified teacher. The school is recognized by the Tangipahoa school board as an Alternative Educational Program. Upon admission to the Ranch, most boys are struggling with academics, with wide learning gaps, a history of poor school attendance, and/or failing grades which places them at high risk for “dropping out” of school and repeating the cycle of poverty. By utilizing a one-on-one approach in a relaxed but structured environment, boys are able to work to close learning gaps, and work ahead in their academics. In addition to classroom style learning, Ranch boys are able to participate in horsemanship and agriculture electives. Learning how to care for animals, ride horses, grow a garden, prepare meals, and complete chores not only allows for the development of future employable skills, but fosters a spirit of independence and growth. The goal is to give residents a foundation for creating better future.

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