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Pastor Upton

My name is Paul Allan Upton, born in Houston Texas in 1954 to Paul and Helen Upton of Tulsa Oklahoma and Houston Texas respectively. As my father was a Preacher/Pastor/Evangelist, and his father the same, I have a rich heritage in ministry.

We moved to Sulphur, Louisiana in 1972 and my father took the pastorate of what was then the Pentecostal Gospel Lighthouse, which was founded in 1954 by Pastor Mid Burnett. I worked in various areas of church ministry while at the same time maintaining full time employment. In 1980 I went to full time employment with the church. I had been involved in creating a Children’s Ministry, Bus Ministry, New Members class and teaching material. We launched the choir, parking lot services, tent meetings, radio ministry, prison ministry, nursing home services and served as the principal of our Christian Academy. I received a Bachelor of Arts in 1984.

In October of 1974 I married Stella Louise LeDoux, the first person saved at the church after we moved there. We had a daughter, Jessica in 1978 and a son, Eric in 1984. Jessica is married to Jose Balderas and has one child, Jenna who was born in 2007. Eric is married to Leah Lefevre.  In 2005 we provided foster care for a young lady that would eventually become part of our family. Liana Chantel Lefevre born in 1997, was adopted and became Liana Shari Upton in 2007. We are thankful for our family.

In 1982 I moved into full time evangelism, traveling with my family. I took the pastorate of a rural church, The Urania Pentecostal Church, in north central Louisiana in 1984. We experienced great revival in those years and the church prospered. We returned to Sulphur in the summer of 1988 and full time ministry at the church there. In 1991 the church was re-chartered and the name was changed to The Lighthouse Tabernacle. I became the Pastor of Lighthouse Tabernacle in 1998 and have served in that capacity since.



Sis. Stella Upton

Sis. Helen Upton

 Sis. Stella Upton, mother of Jessica Balderas (husband—Jose’); Liana and Eric (wife—Leah) and grandmother of Jenna, Joel and Oliver, was one of the first new converts to receive the Holy Ghost under the ministry of Bro. L. P. Upton. She had no idea that in the years to come, she would become the pastor’s daughter-in-law. As time passed, Sis. Upton’s husband, Bro. Allan Upton, felt a calling from God to preach. After being used in the work of the Lord at the Lighthouse Tabernacle, Bro. Allan Upton accepted the pastorate of a church in Urania, Louisiana, with Sis. Upton working by his side. A few years later, Bro. Allan and Sis. Stella Upton moved back to Sulphur, and in 1998, Bro. Allan Upton assumed the pastoral position of the Lighthouse Tabernacle. Sis. Upton works with her husband in the Kingdom of God doing everything humanly possible to guide souls to Heaven. She is a Sunday school teacher, a gifted speaker, and a member of the Lighthouse Tabernacle choir. Though she is used in many different areas of the church, her real love is for prayer.

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